ADU & Room Additions Centennial

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Residing in Centennial? Whether you require extra space for a growing family, a dedicated workspace, or multigenerational living arrangements.

Flexibility in how you utilize your home

An ADU provides additional living space on your Centennial property, offering versatility in its use as a rental unit, guest house, home office, or living quarters for extended family members. This added space can generate rental income, supplementing your mortgage or living expenses.

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Quick Answers to Common Questions

An ADU, or Accessory Dwelling Unit, is a secondary housing unit on a single-family residential lot. Building an ADU offers numerous benefits, including increased property value, additional rental income potential, and versatile living space options. Our team specializes in designing and constructing ADUs that are tailored to your specific needs and preferences, ensuring high-quality craftsmanship and exceptional results.

Verified Builders offers a variety of ADU options, including detached, attached, and interior conversions, depending on your property layout and local regulations. Our design options range from compact studio units to multi-bedroom configurations, with customizable features such as kitchenettes, bathrooms, and living areas. We work closely with you to create a design that maximizes space, functionality, and aesthetic appeal while adhering to zoning requirements and building codes.

The process of building an ADU with Verified Builders begins with an initial consultation to discuss your goals, budget, and design preferences. Our team then develops a customized plan and timeline for your project, taking into account factors such as site preparation, permitting, construction, and finishing touches. While the timeline varies depending on the scope and complexity of the project, we strive to complete ADU construction efficiently and with minimal disruption, typically within a few months.

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